If you are willing to fail, you are ready to succeed.

Floduardo de Almeida, Brand Designer
Hi again! I'm Flo. I’m a portuguese designer born in Paris, France. And if you're reading this, let me tell you that is a pleasure to have you here, and you're a pretty great person.

The starting point.
Maybe you want to have a glue about my studies!? Well, then you might find interesting that I've learned very different things.
Short story: I did Erasmus in Ghent (Belgium), as a student of Digital Design at LUCA School of Arts, and I obtained my bachelor diploma from the Communication Design department of ESAD - College of Arts & Design in Matosinhos (Portugal). Then I went to FBAUP - University of Porto and started the master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects.

Making things happening.
The following is a secret! We'll keep it to ourselves (shhh): I used to jump some classes at the university and spend time in a super multidisciplinary design collective called We Came From Space.
( ... )
Should I...? Should I be sorry for that?! Because I was just fascinated by discovering the real world. And look! I seized the chance to found my own studio with my friend/co-partner while we were students. It ain't great?
One year in the collective and we moved on to take the risk of being fully independent... yes, a-hell-of-a-risky-journey. Parallel to all of that I was vice-president of a young political party - and maybe it was to much. Oh, almost forgotten: my studio gave some workshops, led international interns, had clients as Sony Music, Livraria Lello & Irmãos, a city hall, and more. Can you imagine?!

Time says 'discover to learn'.
We all know there's always boundaries to be pushed, right?! As a result, I took the opportunity to return to Belgium as an in-house designer of an engineering company. Why not?
Later I moved to the biggest branding agency from Malta, as a creative designer and supporting the team of interns (student-expacts). Afterwards I've worked in Warsaw - Poland, at an award-winning creative studio; being head designer of some projects and interns supporter (should we call it destiny?!).
Back to Portugal, I've worked in a digital agency as the creative responsible for the main brands like KIA, Wolves, Breathe. (Phew!) but soon I decided to jump.

And moving leads to extraordinary.
My last and amazing experience can be called "Where The Time Flies Like Butterflies - A romance in the canton of Fribourg (Switzerland)". (Sigh!) I've worked in a branding agency as Head of Design, responsible for remarkable brands: Nestlé, Nespresso, World Health Organization, and others. This story is in my stories.

Just a step away for challenges.
Now I'm currently free to new challenges, but I can often be found in different corners of Europe while “travel inspiration”. So feel free to contact me with any question or job/quote. Oh! Plus, here's my CV and Portfolio for download. You're also welcome to visit my personal blog Future/Notes where I share about the books I'm reading, technology & innovation, design, and what I'm learning.

Thank you for being here.
Experiences & Skills
Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Client Contact, Concept Development, Curation, Design, Editorial, Event Design, Exhibition, Identity, Iconography & Infographics, Illustration, Project Management, Naming, Strategy, Signage, Video, Writing, Playing Hard.
Nestlé, Nespresso, World Health Organization, BDO, KIA Motors, Wolves - Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C., Sony Music Ent., Lello & Irmãos, Câmara Municipal da Maia, GO telecommunications, PUNK Is Not Dead, Wege Siostry, Curmi & Partners, Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency, many others.
Awards & Recognition
Packaging Of The World: "Wege Siostry"
Poznan University of Arts: Anka Nahumko's editorial: interview "Responsible Graphic Design"
Łódź Design Festival - "Must Have 2019" Award for: "Wege Siostry"
Creatives Malta: 50 Posters for Malta (Exhibition)
Graphis: Merit Award Winner
Baronmag.com: "40 Designers Portugais À Découvrir"
SendPoints CHINA: "Visual Harmony - Proportion In Graphic Design"
Orpheu C.C.: podcast interview - ep.2
CUF Porto: Identity exhibition "Health For Mozambican Children and Families"
ESAD Week (project winner): "Health For Moz"
MUDE Lisbon (Museu do Design e da Moda): Robbialac - StucomArt&Design
Abduzeedo: Daily Inspiration
Choco La Design: Inspiração Gráfica
Lyemium: Inspiration
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So at this stage, giving up shouldn’t be an option.
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So let me facilitate your journey.
Tsa na na na naaaan...
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Weeelcome to a neeew world.
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