Coming together for a smile of hope. For the love of children.

CBSS Expert Group
on Children at Risk
Branding, Illustration, Decoration, Signage, Design, Illustration
PROMISE aims at promoting child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency services supporting child victims of violence, providing them with access to justice, avoiding re-victimization and ensuring high professional standards for recovery.

I created a whole visual system that uses vibrant colors, iconographies that allow multiple compositions in the form of illustrations and signage.

Everything comes together with a sole purpose: they! This is an identity that unites and generates strength and hope in a world where children are - and come - always first.

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...studies suggest that the world is getting more attached to the animals. We seem to start to value animals over people and we can easily notice this type of reaction in the internet. As a result, by portraying animals we were able to appeal to the vegan community, but also call the attention of a generic consumer, mostly from younger generations searching for healthy cheese alternatives / dairy products alternatives.
As for what concerns the illustrated animals, those were not randomly choosed and created. They are actually linked with the additional ingredients that caracterize each of the products (for instance, the boar as a lover of mushrooms).
We also had the planet earth environment into consideration, this brand stands for free-of-plastics. People have been tempting to value the brands that clearly display this flag.
At the end we have: diversification of product packagings (that helps the consumer to easily identify and select his favourite cheese(s), and reinforces the consumer's will to buy all the collection) and the differentiation by a unique consumer experience (a earth friendly packaged product  - where cheese is revealed after the process of opening the reusable carboard pack and unfolding a biodegradable parchment paper).

Acknowledgements: My thank you goes to Podpunkt for giving me the chance to work on this project as a head of design, as it goes for the the client Zuzię Rzymanek and Magdę Rzymanek, both sisters and founders of this amazing brand.

Strategy & Thinking: Floduardo de Almeida
Art Direction: Floduardo de Almeida & Diana Makulska
Graphic Design: Floduardo de Almeida & Agnieszka Prus
Photography: Zuzanna Rzymanek


CLIENT: Nespresso®
TYPE: Consumer Brand, Product Release, Print, Digital Design, Illustration
YEAR: 2019-2020
AGENCY: MEO Design et Communication - Switzerland

Nespresso® challegend us to create the first Exclusive Edition of 2020.
And they were clear about what they wanted to have: something Premium since the product would be definitly more expensive, and because we are talking about a rare and unique coffee from Yemen. But they were also concerned about how could we find a creative solution by presenting Yemen, without displaying bad memories at the consumer heads (about a country that has been associated with conflicts).

As I love to do, I did an intensive research learning the most that I could about Yemen and about their coffee culture. That's when I found part of their identity in their stunning landscapes where the coffee comes to life with scarce water in high rocky mountains. Here we had the solution: to create an open window about a beautiful treasure from Yemen.

Nespresso decided to turn this product available to dozens of countries - limited to existent stock - inicially as a Private Edition but they've also decided to turn it available to some other countries as Public Sales Edition.

Acknowledgments: I had the pleasure to be the Head of Design. But beside being the creative fully involved in this project, I must credit my dear colleague Jeremy Powell (Client Service Director/Manager) by trusting me this project, by all his fantastic insights and by allowing me to take full lead on this. Thanks also goes to the team that helped me with the production process. My friend César for working together on this photo session. And the responsables for this project at Nespresso that I had the pleasure to met and work with. Last but not least, to the fantastic team at the printhouse.

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