Là Scéne PUNK à Rouen
Inspired by Punk music, inspired by the french city of Rouen

PIND - Punk Is Not Dead
Poster, Event, Illustration, Print, Visual event identity
PIND is the first research project dedicated to France's punk scene from 1976 to today.I had the task to design the visual image of the event - which took place in the city of Rouen.

So based on my researches I got inspired by the two coat of arms that represent the city and the region (of Normandy), as for the beautiful and so characteristic architecture of the place. And, of course, by Punk music.

I was in charge of dealing directly with the client by working in this event and in two others (where I was responsible for giving art directions).


CLIENT: Nespresso® www.nespresso.com
TYPE: Consumer Brand, Product Release, Print, Digital Design, Illustration
YEAR: 2019-2020
AGENCY: MEO Design et Communication - Switzerland

Nespresso® challegend us to create the first Exclusive Edition of 2020.
And they were clear about what they wanted to have: something Premium since the product would be definitly more expensive, and because we are talking about a rare and unique coffee from Yemen. But they were also concerned about how could we find a creative solution by presenting Yemen, without displaying bad memories at the consumer heads (about a country that has been associated with conflicts).

As I love to do, I did an intensive research learning the most that I could about Yemen and about their coffee culture. That's when I found part of their identity in their stunning landscapes where the coffee comes to life with scarce water in high rocky mountains. Here we had the solution: to create an open window about a beautiful treasure from Yemen.

Nespresso decided to turn this product available to dozens of countries - limited to existent stock - inicially as a Private Edition but they've also decided to turn it available to some other countries as Public Sales Edition.

Acknowledgments: I had the pleasure to be the Head of Design. But beside being the creative fully involved in this project, I must credit my dear colleague Jeremy Powell (Client Service Director/Manager) by trusting me this project, by all his fantastic insights and by allowing me to take full lead on this. Thanks also goes to the team that helped me with the production process. My friend César for working together on this photo session. And the responsables for this project at Nespresso that I had the pleasure to met and work with. Last but not least, to the fantastic team at the printhouse.

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