Discovering means learning, respect, understanding. It means adaptation, courage, preparation, merit. More than any of us can translate. Subject to experiences that no one else can experience, except discovers. But words might help when shared. Welcome to my stories.

Esprit de corps
A love story of my last experience.
There's many lessons that I've learned in this place. Some are still in my process of learning. And love resonates a lot. Love can change us, can transform things, and can even be translated in to to a specific word "saudade" (in portuguese) - as a particular nostalgic feeling.

Get on board this train and discover a family, a company and a culture that deeply marked me... forever.
A story with no ending
A short auto-biography about myself. An eternal reminder of eternal reminders.
Where I came from, where i went, and what defines me and makes me who I am today. Flo.
Addicted to the world
Learning, exploring and discovering new cultures.
A continuous work.
There's a huge respect that I have for cultures, mostly those who are ready to accept the other and provide great insights. And a lot we learn from other cultures; a lot we share!

Before everything, I'm a citizen of the World.

At the end of one story, there's always something new to be unfold and about to be discovered.