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Rediscovering Yemen through a rare coffee, sourced from one of the most exotic origins in the world.
A selection of some of the projects I did, and the pleasure to share it with you.
They were made during my time in Portugal & Belgium (both as a student and worker), but also in Malta, Poland and more recently Switzerland.
Just a short note.
I've worked on a number of projects for Nestlé itself and for some Nestlé sub-brands (i.e. Nescafé).
For one reason or another, that cannot be published, but maybe you've seen one of them here and there!

In any way, I would be thrilled if you ask me to talk more about them.
Have a look!
If you go scroll down you will find more work.
A selection of some projects from 2013-2018, academic and professional from when I had my own studio in Porto - Portugal.
The end?
This can be the begining of a rat getting stronger enough...
to become a cat.
The begin.
Since you're already here, we can agree this was a hell of a journey, han?
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